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Ffxiv Config. This is not against tos, it is 100% safe to use. Many jobs share the same spells or the same concept of a spell so i've tried

(FFXIV) Complete Settings Guide System Configuration
(FFXIV) Complete Settings Guide System Configuration from takeofftools.com

All jobs have their spells already assigned to hotbars. Chooese where to save the ffxivconf.fea file. Character configuration (guide in progress)

This Is A Relatively Simple Process, So Don't Be Intimidated.

This project aims to fix that and add some qol features to the game, such as: Where are the ffxiv hud configuration files reason i ask is becuase i moved to play on a new pc and the hud is completely reset. Open the zip file you downloaded.

Shade's Guide To Final Fantasy Xiv's System Configuration Menu.this Video Covers Every Setting In The Entire Menu (As Of Patch 5.2) In The Pc Version Of The.

Download the correct resolution config from nexusmods. Chooese where to save the ffxivconf.fea file. For system configuration settings, not all settings will be saved as some settings are not applicable from one machine to another.

This Is Not Against Tos, It Is 100% Safe To Use.

Choose from the options below. How to transfer character keybinds and hud between characters. Click the back up button.

Backup Your Current Config, Installing This Config Will Overwrite Almost Everything You Have.

I talk in detail about all of the different movement settin. To test, make sure you leave the steam controller configuration completely, and end up back on the game’s page. All jobs have their spells already assigned to hotbars.

If You Find You're Deselecting Targets Randomly, You Can Try To Uncheck Enable Clicking On Field To Remove Target. (Character Configuration>Control Settings>Mouse)

If you are using default settings, l2 will be the activator for the left side of the cross hotbar, and r2 will be for the right side of the cross hotbar. This can be used to transfer your various settings from one machine to another, even if that machine is a completely different platform (pc to ps4, ps4 to pc, ps4 to ps5, etc.). Ffxiv has a lot, and unless you've gone through one by one, chances are you may have missed something.

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